Building Your Business 101


Are you an online brand or startup website?

There are a lot of considerations for how to run an online business or website. 

>> Have you browsed Pinterest for ideas on getting your business organized?

>> Have you searched through your favorite blogs for some great inspiring blog posts about business and blogging?

>> Are you wanting to be an #entrepreneur, #solopreneur, or #infopreneur but don't know where to get started? 

>> Have you started an online business or shop but not sure what to do to make it official?

>> Signed up for a bunch of newsletters from your favorite brands in the hopes of learning something just to not open all of them?

>> What about trying all those free e-courses but walking away not learning a single thing actionable?

>> Maybe, you've even purchased books or premium content thinking this time will be different.


7 Days to Get YOUR Business off the Ground

These modules have been created to give you genuine actionable advice for your brand and/or business with:

Registering your Business

Should you stick as a sole proprietorship or form an LLC? What does it mean and how should you register?

Content Management Systems

What the heck are they and which one should you choose for YOUR business needs? We have some answers for you.

Social Media Marketing

We introduce you to all the basics of this Instasnap Facetweet phenomenom.

Website Design & Branding

Many overlook the importance of a well-planned out website design and consistent branding. We give you a little lesson on design trends and important tactics to consider to turn your audience from "maybes" to "sold!"

Legal Protections for your Website

Do you know what three things your website must have in order to protect yourself from any legal liability that might come down the road? We do!

Introduction to Bookkeeping

While bookkeeping might not seem like an extensive topic, it is! After compiling our in-depth tax guide, we included key takeaways for you in this course.

Tools and Resources

We can't forget the important tools and resources that will help you stay on track and organized in your business.

Direct Access to Amy Smith

Fr everyone that takes our free BYB101 course, we give you direct access to Skill Space founder, Amy Smith. 



So we've all wasted a little time in the past. Now, let's fix it and learn what we really need to know about being your own boss and running a website, shop, blog, whatever.

With these 7 modules, you can optimize your business strategy to start getting results for your business. This email course will help you turn your website from blah to rockstar with information other's want you to pay for. Us? We just want everyone to start out on the same great page.


About the Author

Hello, there! I'm Amy Smith and I've been there. I'm also the main lady behind Skill Space. 

But I was formerly at the lifestyle blog, The Charming -- in which I still manage the social media accounts for but have switched my website and blogging energy to Skill Space. 

For years as the blogger at The Charming, I was always on the lookout for helpful tips and information for running my blog, content marketing, business tools, and just new knowledge to implement. I've done all of the above and found myself still having so many questions. 

That's why my husband and I came up with the idea of Skill Space. And, with it, I've compiled helpful information into one free e-course for YOU.


A bundle of information... easy to digest

“This course is simple to understand to anyone from starting out to the experienced business individual or someone in between. With all the resources, worksheets and several layers of lesson included in there, it make BYB101 a bundle of information that is easy to digest and sure will help you understand the basics and necessary deets to get your feets wet in the freelance world. That too all in one place. Good for both bloggers and business owners."

— Sadaf from

Building Your Business 101: 7 Days to Get Your Business Off the Ground